Three years ago today I got to meet someone who I admired and still do. It was someone whom at the time everyone hated, no one liked his music and people were still using ‘his gay’, ‘ he looks like a girl, ‘ he can’t sing’ etc, whereas today everyone seems to love him. That person is Justin Bieber. 
I was extremely lucky that I won the Bieber Fever competition to meet him, and I’m so happy that I did. Admittedly, my picture is awful and I never actually got to speak to him, but I did get to stand next to him, but it was still an experience on something that I will never forget. The 4th March was also the night that Justin was an hour late stage. Yes, people said it was like 2 and a half hours but that’s because the O2 put wrong times on their website, and the whole country went mental about it, yet you never saw anything about when others have to a lot later. It was kinda like it was a double standard for Justin. He could never do anything right the eyes of millions. Yes, he did some really awful things and I’m not trying to stick up for him, because the things he did was wrong, but I never stopped supporting him. At the end of the day the reason why I supported him from the beginning was because of his music and maybe because he was cute. At the time he probably wasn’t the best role model in the world, but every single celebrity out their can not be the most perfect role model 24/7. 
My experience meeting Justin was totally different from what I had imagined. In all honestly I would change everything about it. It was obvious Justin was not in a great mood, I don’t thing he even smiled in any of the photos that day. I was in and out of the room within a minute. You are pushed into the room, you stand next to him; the photo is taken; you have about 10 seconds to try and speak to him and get a photo and then the experience is over. Gone. But at least I didn’t have to pay for it, because it wouldn’t have been worth it. In all fairness, there were like 3 other Spanish girls also in the M&G who Justin turned to first and they actually got a hug and when he turned round to me and the other girl, we had to leave the room. That was then. It maybe different now, it probably is. 
Over the last six years of supporting Justin, I have seen a lot of things especially on twitter which are good and bad. I’ve never not supported him. Yes, I’m not like I was. I don’t ever talk about him anymore unless I am asked and he isn’t the only artist I listen to. I don’t really care about what people thing about him, because at the end of the day, I’m always going to support his music. It shouldn’t matter who is dating, who he is seen with, if he smokes or not, what he does with his time etc, at the end of the day it is down to supporting him for the music and being proud when he wins awards (that grammy was a very proud moment in my belieber heart).
I decided to do this spotlight on Justin Bieber, because although I am a belieber, we are not like the crazy obsessed ones back in 2010. I don’t need to tweet about him 24/7, spam him every time he tweets, annoy people by talking about him constantly or try to meet him outside hotels and run after his car (something that I have never done and will never do). That doesn’t mean that I am still not a belieber, I just don’t need to tell the entire world. I’m lucky, i’ve meet him twice, seen him live 4 times, soon to be 6 (correction now 7 times.. see you at V Festival) times and followed by him on twitter and you know what that is good enough for me. Yes it does annoy me when people who used to absolutely hate him now suddenly want to marry him, but at least now his music is finally being respected and actually listened to by people that are not young teenagers, but by a large audience, hence why he had such a long run at the UK number one. 
I’m going to leave it there, but I would love to hear about your views on Justin Bieber, whether they are positive or negative. 
Love Alicia xx 

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