I was thinking about this the other day and thought that it would be something different to post about. When I was about 6 or 7, I remember going onto my Dads desktop computer and simply going online to play games. I’m talking about before Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even MSN and Bebo, I used to love playing games online, like girly games. So I am going to share the 4 games (was going to be 5 but couldn’t thing of another one) and websites that I just loved.

Stardoll Paperdoll Heaven 
I am so disappointed that this website does not exist how it used to exist. I loved both sides of the website, from dressing up famous celebrities (I even remember when Bieber was added which must have been 2010) to having your own ‘doll’ with your house, clothes and makeup. I could literally spend hours on this website. One of my favourite things was redecorating the house and then getting your doll all fancy and getting loads of points so you could be on the magazine. Oh how I miss this website. The most annoying thing is, you can’t even log in again to see your doll.

Build a Bear 
Okay admittedly not my favourite but once I got the hang off it (it really was simple), it was great fun. I loved the fact that it was like a little village and you could wonder around and go into different shops and places. The bear would be exactly the same as the one you just made in the store IRL. It was just fun.

This one was the first ever website that I ever became a member of. The said thing is I still remember my password for it and it has to be a good 13 to 14 years since I first went on the website. For me personally I just loved the games, like the love capability game and there was another game that I loved but I honestly can’t remember it for the life of me.

Now I am talking mainly Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I was obsessed with that game, and I wish it was still online because I would still be playing it to this day. There were other games that I used to love on the website as well, I think there was possibly a Hannah Montana game as well but I am not totally sure.

So that was my four websites that I used to loved as a child and probably would still love today if they were still going. Are yours similar to mine, or what other websites did you used to love?

Love Alicia xx
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