East Anglia, the area that I have grown up in and have family and friend in different parts of the area. From Essex, to suffolk, Norfolk and I include Cambridgeshire as well, there are plenty of places to visit that you do tend to forget about. A lot of people think that East Anglia is basically a giant field, which yes it does have a lot of fields, but there are also lots of other places to visit as well.

The picturesque little village is perfect for a day trip. Yes, it can get busy even when the weather is awful, but it is honestly such a lovely place to visit if you are in the area. Fish & Chips is also a must. There are a couple of different Fish & Chip shops but my favourite is The Upper Deck. It is a tiny little restaurant and you have to wait about half an hour for a table but the food is worth it and it is cheap.

It is something about the history of Cambridge and the architecture that gets me; it is truly picturesque. If you don’t fancy shopping around the big brand shops or the independent ones, then they city has so much more to offer. Theres the river, the University and a range of churches to go an explore.

Great Yarmouth 
My Dad calls Gt. Yarmouth the Blackpool of East Anglia, with its traditional seaside shops and amusements. Yes, it is kinda run down and I probably wouldn’t feel safe walking around there by myself, but walking along the seafront on a cold sunny New Years Day morning made me put Yarmouth onto the list. It was peaceful and although the rubbish on the beach, there was a kinda magic to the place (kinda).

Norwich is probably one of my favourite places to shop in East Anglia, as it has everything there almost. Also, the market is quite good compared to others (sorry Ipswich) in the area. Although getting here by train can be somewhat annoying due to the trains always being late or something has gone wrong (you know what I am talking about if you live in this area), it is a really good dat out.

Snape Maltings 
Snape Maltings is a place that I also remember driving through as a child and it wasn’t until a school trip to watch a show that I actually went into Snape its self. If you are en route and you go through Snape, it is one of them places where you could have a little walk and have some lunch.

Clacton – On – Sea
As I have lived in Clacton for my whole life, it felt wrong to leave out my hometown. Yes, I don’t always like the place and it’s not the nicest anymore, but there is nothing better than growing up by the sea and visiting the seafront. Whether its for a walk, or driving back from town or to go and watch the annual Clacton Airshow, it can actually be nice, so don’t always listen to whats on the news about the place.

Love Alicia x

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