Back in May 2012 I wrote three wishlist/letters to my older self. One was to be opened on my 18th, one on my 21st and one on my 30th. Now I turned 18 around 6 months ago, and to be complete honest with you, I had completely forgotten about this letter and that it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I found this letter in my memory box. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember what I wrote or wanted to happen by the time I had turned 18 and it was kinda a surprise about what I wanted by the time I had finished school. Looking back, there were some goals that I knew deep down was never going to happen (I mean for starters I kinda knew the Jonas Brothers were never going to tour again or get an A in A-Level maths) but there were some things that are surprisingly similar to what actually happened in my life. 

1. ‘I want to have got the following grades in my GCSES: English Lit, English Language, Maths, Drama, Textiles, Biology, Chemistry a B. In Humanities and Dance and A. In Physics a C’ 
Okay, so some of these did happen and some of them didn’t. In the end I got four A’s in Maths, History, English Literature and Chemistry. I got B’s in English Language, Biology, Physics, Drama, humanities and textiles. I also got a C in Dance and a D in Spanish.

2. ‘I hope to stay on (insert school name) for sixth form or go to Suffolk One and study…’
Dear 14 year old  Alicia, why the fuck did you ever want to go to Suffolk One. You could have at least said you want to go to Colchester Sixth form as you did actually apply about 6 months later but never went in the end. I did actually stay on at said high school.

3. ‘… history, maths, economics, english literature and sociology’ 
Okay so this is really weird (except for sociology) as I actually did all four of them subjects. When applying for my subjects in sixth form I actually picked law instead of history, but because law clashed with english literature I did history instead of law. I did actually drop maths half way through year 12.

4.’I hope to meet Justin Bieber, The Wanted and Cody Simpson’ 
Justin Bieber: Check x2
The Wanted & Cody Simpson: no didn’t happen

5. ‘I hope to see Justin Bieber more times, see The Wanted again, Cody Simpson, Carly Rea Jepsen, Boyce Avenue, Usher, Coldplay, One Direction, Olly Murs, Jonas Brothers & Taylor Swift’ 
Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Cody Simpson, Carly Rea Jepsen, One Direction, Olly Murs and Taylor Swift did happen.
Boyce Avenue, Usher, Coldplay and Jonas Brothers didn’t happen, but I did see Nick Jonas and as he was my fave that is all that counts kinda.

6. ‘I hope to have a job by my 16th’
Does a paper round count. Oh wait when I wrote this on the 24th May 2012 I had been doing my paper round two months already, so no it doesn’t. I did manage to get a job just 3 days after my 17th birthday.

7. ‘I want to go to New York’ 
Still true, still waiting but happening in June!!!!!!!!!!

8. ‘See a concert at MSG’
Well I haven’t been to New York, so this hasn’t happened.

9. ‘I want a 16th Birthday Party’
Nope. However, by the time it got to my 16th, I no longer wanted a birthday party.

10.  ‘A tattoo of two stars behind my right ear’
I no longer want this tattoo, in fact at this point in time I don’t want a tattoo. Tattoo count is still currently: zero.

11. ‘I hope to be applying to university in either Warwick or bath’ 
Well this didn’t happen either.

12. ‘I want to have booked tickets to go on a girls holiday’ 
Nope, didn’t happen either.

13. ‘I want to have paid for a holiday for my mum and dads 25th anniversary’ 
Okay so this didn’t happen, but I did book them tickets to see a West End Show.

14. ‘I want to have been to the Capital FM Summer time ball’ 
The only reason why this is on the list was because Justin was performing at it in 2012 and my mum wouldn’t let me go. However have been three times since.

15. ‘I want to go to Prom’
This did happen and I still have my little ticket as well.

16. ‘I want to run the race for life and help out and raise money for charities’ 
I may have not have done these yet, but I will do in the near future.

Love Alicia x 

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