Printing photos seems to be something that people no longer do. We upload them on to our computers, or onto Facebook, and maybe share one or two on our Instagrams, but we never thing to go to a shop and print off are memories. Personally, I love looking through photo albums and seeing the memories of past holidays or seeing pictures of my parents when they were younger. Like they say a picture can tell a million stories, and sometimes it nice to hold a photograph in your hand, instead of looking at one through a screen. (Also, they can act just as good on a wall, or hanging on a washing line type of thing in your bedroom).
Cheerz is an online website where you are able to print photos in a variety of different forms; from prints, to albums, to magnets, to posters and lots of other things as well. One pf my personal favourites is the Cheerz Box*. The Cheerz Box is a little cute box, which is filled with ‘retro style’ photos, from which you can print from Facebook, Instagram, Google and your own computer. In the box you can have between 30-45 of your favourite photos in this box.
I choose my Cheerz Box with some of my favourite photos from 2015 (some did escape in there from 2014 as well), to make it almost a memory style box of 2015. I mainly took the photos from my instagram, but some did also come from Facebook and my computer. This is something that I really like about the Cheerz website, is that you are able to choose photos from websites. It is super easy as well, you just log on through the website and then you can choose the photos you want. 
The Cheerz Box comes in at £12.95 (+ delivery), which I think is a really good price, for the quality that you get and the delivery is quick as well (and I ordered around five days before Christmas, but still received my photos two days before christmas), which is something that I love. However, if you spend £8 or more on Cheerz, you can get £4 of your first order with the code ‘ALIJORR’!
If you want to explore the website more, then visit them here!
Love Alicia x

*This box was kindly gifted to me, but all opinions are my own. 

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