I’ve seen this tag going around now for quite some time, and as it is the New Year, I kinda wanted to start the year off with some happy thoughts and just a look back at everything that has made me happy. So in no particular order, here are 50 things that make me happy!

1. The feeling of fresh bed sheets 
2. Cold Sunny mornings 
3. Finishing a good book
4. Good hair days
5. Good brow days 
6. Watching films whether my mother
7. Knowing that I have meet some amazing friends at University so far
8. Trips that I have been on with my best friend 
9. My friends from High School
10. My Parents

11. Long Horse riding hacks 
12. Dancing 
13. Having a tidy room
14. The smell of baking
15. The smell of bread baking 
16. Knowing that I can drive 
17. Getting into University 
18. The countryside 
19. but, also big cities 
20. Taking photos

21. going on spontaneous day trips 
22.  The thought of finally going to New York in June (excited isn’t even the word) 
23. Decorating 
24. Re arranging my bedroom
25. New notebooks 
26. New Stationary 
27. Colouring books 
28. The thought that I have met Justin Bieber (somehow that is nearly three years ago) 
29. Ice Cream 
30. Afternoon tea

31. The buzz after concerts 
32. Getting new make up 
33. Painting my nails 
34. Flowers 
35. countryside walks 
36. exploring a new city or town 
38. Buying new books 
39. Downton Abbey (not so much that it has finished, but I can just re watch all six series again) 
40. Pancakes

41. Roast Dinners 
42. Eating out
43. Concerts and Live music in general 
44. Accomplishing things that people thought I would never do (Hi, year 5 english teacher who said I had no imagination) 
45. Making some one smile 
46. Disney films 
47. Justin Bieber 
48. Face masks 
49. Baking 
50. Saving money

I tag you! Go ahead and see if you can thing of 50 things that make you happy (it is actually much easy that some other tags out there).

Love Alicia x 

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